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Civic Symposium: Protecting the Climate: The Future of Renewables and Ending the Coal Menace

In the Barrel Room!

Free Event!

We are excited to continue with our lecture series, this time in collaboration with the Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (ELAW), for a conversation about how to protect the climate from coal-reliance and looking forward to the future of renewable energy.

Join ELAW Fellow Laura Haiselova and ELAW Staff Scientist Dr. Mark Chernaik to learn about market trends, game-changing technologies, and how Europe is moving beyond coal.

Laura is a Czech attorney on the Responsible Energy team at ELAW’s partner organization, Frank Bold, based in Brno. Laura is active in the Europe Beyond Coal campaign and is working to clean up some of Europe’s most polluting coal-fired power plants.

Mark has worked for decades to hold polluters accountable and protect the climate. He has analyzed hundreds of environmental impact assessments for proposed energy projects around the world and helped win many victories for the climate.

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