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TGTG & Susy Sun

  • Civic Winery & Wines 50 East 11th Avenue Eugene United States (map)

Wine Release Weekend continues!

Come down to celebrate our first vintage with music from traveling musicians at Civic Winery


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Tomás Gorrio & The Gylestial

TGTG is a nomadic musical couple on a ten year plan to travel the world, spread positivity, and inspire others to follow their dreams. Follow us on our Positive Energy World Tour at @tgtgmusic on FB and insta.

"We left our homes and day jobs in March of 2016 to pursue a life of travel. Playing music as an indie-rock duo called TGTG, we explore city after city spreading positivity and inspiring others to follow their heart. The campaign is called: Positive Energy World Tour. We record our own music, print our own shirts, book our own shows, and film our own music videos. Write us a message and say hi. And if we visit your city, come hang with us! Much love" -Tomás and Becca

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Susy Sun

Anthemic pep talks, gutted relationships, cutting critiques illuminated by hymn-like allegory — all this makes The Way the Wind Blows both Susy Sun's most hyper-personal and universally resonant work yet. Her debut LP stretches the umbrella of pop with Americana moxie.

In 2016, the classically trained pianist and songwriter traded the stages of the Northwest for the studios of Los Angeles. En route, struck by the immovable presence of thousand-year Redwoods, this album took root. Produced by Grammy award-winner Dennis Herring with string arrangements by Alexander Rudd, the compilation of introspective songs and instrumental interludes walks, marches, paces and waltzes through another ancient forest: the crowded woods of self-doubt and skyless ruminations of love, lost.

In other words, it’s a cathartic coping mechanism that insists you absolutely can shake it off and find your way through the trees. Talk it out, the saying goes. You’ll feel better. What Sun has done in The Way the Wind Blows is give not just vocabulary, but voice — shifting from hushed to gale-force in turn — to our most wrenching roadblocks to happiness: get over that breakup, get out of your head. "

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