Our urban winery project is composed of several interrelated elements: a fully-functioning winery specializing in amphora fermentation; a barrel storage area which doubles as an event space; and a wine bar and bottle shop focused on natural wines from around the world. Also sharing the building is the restaurant, Lion & Owl, featuring an innovative brunch and dinner menu "for the fierce and the wise."

Civic evokes the Latin civis, citizen, and civitas, the social body with the rights and responsibilities that connect members of a community. We want to celebrate the Willamette Valley, its rich agricultural history, and Eugene's place within this ecosystem.

Our focus is on organic and biodynamic grape growing and processing. We use Oregon-crafted terracotta amphora for wine production, vessels which harken back thousands of years.

The choice to bring this project to downtown was fueled by the desire for a unique and interactive experience and represents a major investment in community revitalization.

Our bar and bottle shop celebrates natural wines made by small growers and producers who focus on organic and biodynamic farming, gentle extractions with indigenous yeasts, minimal intervention and low sulphur. We have a selection of wines geared toward the curious and conscious consumer, for pleasure, for the table, and for the cellar.



Located in the heart of Downtown Eugene, Civic Winery & Wines is a multi-faceted project housed in a newly-renovated historic building. Originally constructed in 1937 with some of the leftover lumber from Civic Stadium, the renovations exposed the high ceilings, beams and trusses that previous tenants had allowed to remain covered.